White Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Set

White Ceramic Pour Over Coffee Set


White and minimal. Time was spent learning and understanding every aspect of coffee making which has led us to create the most essential coffee set. Crafted using a special ceramic technique to perfect our "muted" white color that is long-lasting while remains forever in fashion. Texturally unique while staying true to minimalism and cleanliness. Our design is one of its kind. Enjoy as a new home essential or give as a mindful gift to others.


  • Premium Minimal Design
  • Special "Muted" White
  • Handmade Ceramic & High-Quality Wood
  • Created to Make the Best Coffee
  • Long-Lasting + Collector Item
  • Top-Notch Craftsmanship


Pour Over Set
   +1 Ceramic Brewer
   +1 Wood Stabilizer
       *Works well with cone filters like hario v60

Full 3pc Set
   +1 Pour-Over Set
   +1 600ml Ceramic Carafe