Seriously creepy coffee: A café in NYC is selling a matte black latte topped with black WHIPPED CREA

The backlash against unicorn lattes and Frappucchinos has given rise to a new coffee drink that's the exact opposite of the rainbow sparkly concoctions that have taken Instagram by storm.

Round K, a café on New York's Lower East Side, is now selling a Matte Black Latte, which owner Ockhyeon Byeon says is 'black like my soul'.

The drink has very quickly become a major hit — even if the black liquid and matching black whipped cream on top are a bit unnerving. But even without anything added, he noted that 'black coffee' isn't actually black but dark brown.

Caffeine fix: The owner said people are always surprised by how black it is and also that it tastes sweet

He seems to oblige. According to Thirsty, the drink can be made at home with 2 oz. espresso, 8 oz. almond milk, 1 tbs. coconut ash, and 2 tbs. 98% Dutch processed cacao powder, which are shaken together and then poured over ice....... Read more

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