Oh My Goth: The Food Trend as Black as Your Heart

Coconut Ash and Cocoa “Everyone pretty much has the same reaction: ‘What the hell is that dark color?’ Some are actually scared to drink it, including my regulars. One time, a kid came with his mom to try it. Initially, his mom tried to stop him, but her mind changed after tasting it herself. Now I look forward to people’s scared-shocked reaction.

“Coconut ash and 98 percent cacao powder is the best. Look at the cracker side of Oreo cookies—if you read the ingredients, it doesn’t contain any artificial food coloring—just cocoa powder processed with alkali. That’s the stuff that makes Oreos black. My trick is not to add animal milk—it will mute the black to gray.”

—Ockhyeon Byeon, Owner, Round K


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